Non-Commercial Films

Theory of Rationalization

Theory of Rationalization, Documentary Film, 7'37'', German, English Subtitles. 2011.

The main goal of this project is to inform about the basic elements needed to understand modernity. It was originally conceived to be presented as a series of chapters, each one dedicated to one of three classic sociology thinkers and how they are received today by famous theory writers.

As a commercial challenge, this is an un finished project: I should have animated a pilot and presented it to people interested in the subject instead of animating a whole chapter at once.

This first chapter tells us how Habermas treats Weber’s rationalization theory today and how he manages to stay in the action theory in spite of the limitations it had at Weber’s time.

The God

The God, Animation Short Film, 4'33'', English Subtitles, 2005.

Die Enttäuschung des Hans Castorp

Die Enttaeuschung des Hans Castorp, Hans Castorp's Disappointment, Animation Short Film, 1', German, English Subtitles, 2004.

Alien Satori

Alien Satori, Science Fiction Short Film, 2'20'', 2001.