Organizational / Project Management

The capability to build up the look of a reality that doesn't exist, implies an enormous amount of power and complexity. That's why the implementation of 3D projects can only be achieved through project management tools.

The art of management consists of knowing in advance which problems the team is going to face and prevent them from occurring. Insider knowledge is required to know which tasks require which professional skill and determine how long they will take.

Management tools are standard in and outside the 3D animation industry. By integrating my pipeline into yours there will be no need to create a new pipeline every time.

Planning Phase

If there is enough preproduction material, my goal is to create a gantt chart with a set of milestones that can be put in a delivery calender (for which there is a number of online solutions), so you can always know what is being done and when it is going to be finished.

Execution Phase

All tasks listed in the gantt chart are fulfilled, including the work of more collaborators distributed in teams, if needed. You get a sample of the work every time a task is finished to be approved by the contact person. Many steps in this phase can be executed at the same time (for instance, if character development, models and lighting are approved, the texture team can paint them while the rigging team rigs the models) allowing a big deal of modularity.

Delivery Phase

You get the object you asked for, in the format that you determined at the planning phase, at the programmed deadline-date.