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I am a 3D artist and illustrator who loves to tell stories through his (motion) pictures.

I have more than 20 years experience with digital painting, drawing (analog and digital) and have participated in more than 50 commercial 3D/CGI production projects.

The inspiration for my work comes mostly from a reflexion about the difference between photorealistic and contoured images. In terms of media, the inspiration comes from videogames, films, analog painting, comics and photography.

In these years, I have worked mostly for publicity agencies. In this portfolio, I am showing a mixture of commercial and artistic artwork. I have learnt the most through commissions and I divided the growing learning process in years. I use all of these techniques today and keep developing.

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Table of Contents

I. Timeline

Today – 2011

Between 2011 and today, I have been working in Berlin, mostly for publicity agencies and studios, as a production 3D Artist for animation video, character development, texturing, and project management. At the same time, I have improved and refined my 2D techniques, including illustration and storytelling. In these years, I have learnt through different online training plans from Gnomon.

1. Preproduction

2. Production

2010 – 2005

At the end of this period I went to live in Berlin, where I learnt project management and html-CSS. Before that, I worked in Barcelona, mostly for architecture studios and advertisement, as well as a freelancer, as an employee. Parallel to that, I studied direction for 3D animation films and began to work with Maya. I perfected several 2D techniques too, including matte painting for backgrounds, which I started to use on a daily basis.

1. Preproduction

2. Production

2004 – 2000

I worked at that time as well as a graphic artist, as also a motion graphic and 3D artist, planning and executing projects for publicity, advertising and architecture agencies. And also for other artists, making videoclips for musicians.

1999 – 1990

In this years, I had my first contacts to illustration as a means for storytelling. Most of my work at that time was thought to be printed on paper. I worked long for photomechanics and publicity agencies at that time, learned all the process- and pantone-color separation, as well as the vector and pixel based illustration methods. Main programs: Illustrator and Photoshop.

II. Skills and Programs

1. Preproduction

Drawing, Painting, Layout and 2D motion

Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Painter, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere.
Skills: Analog and Digital Drawing, Character Development, Human Anatomy, Sketches, Color Theory, Concept Art, Character Sheets, Elevations, View Planes, Photo Retouch, Digital Painting, Layout, Storyboarding, Animatics, Illustration.

Narrative Script

Programs: Open Office, MS Office. Skills: Storytelling, schematic Story Development, Cinematography, Technical Script.

Project Management

Programs: MSProject. Skills: Traditional Project Development, Gantt Charts for 3D Projects. Delivery Planning.


Programs: HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver.

2. Production

3D Modeling

Programs: ZBrush, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Headus UV Layout, 3D Coat. Skills: Micropolygonal Sculpture, Retopologization, Edge Loops, Mesh Optimization, high and low polygonal Modeling, hand-made and automatic UVW. Polygon and NURBS. Human Anatomy.

Character Rigging and Skinning

Programs: Maya, MEL for Rigging, 3D Studio Max Bones. Traditional blendShapes (Morph Targets) and procedural skinning systems like Maya Muscle.


Programs: 3D Animation: Maya, 3D Studio Max. 2D Animation: Anime Studio Pro. Skills: 3D and 2D Animation, Key-based and Curve Simplification for Motion Capture.


Programs: nHair, nCloth, nParticles, Fluid Effects, RealFlow.


Programs: Mari, Photoshop and BodyPaint. Skills: Shader and Texture development, 2D and 3D digital Painting and Photo Retouch.

Lighting and Rendering

Programs: Mental Ray and V-Ray. Skills: Digital Lighting and Rendering through Ray trace-based Engines for Render Time. HDRI. Subsurface Scattering. Analog Rendering. Color Theory. Cinematic and photographic Lighting Theories. Photorealism. Organic, architectonic and hard Surface Rendering, layered Rendering. Volumetric Light, Motion Blur and Depth of Field Subprograms for Postproduction. Analytic Render Layers Distribution through Color Buffers. MEL for Render Process Automation.

3. Postproduction

Programs: Nuke, After Effects. Skills: Compositing, Mask Animation, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Color Correction.

4. Languages

Professional Proficiency: German, English and Catalan Mother Language: Spanish

III. Acknowledgments

2003 Berlinale Talent Campus, Filmmaker

2002 Fonart, selected for competition Alien Satori

2002 Girona Animation Film Festival, selected for show, Alien Satori

© Franklin Ponce 2016